New Activity: WJPA Speaking Contest

In lieu of an educational poster contest, this year, the WJPA will be holding its first-ever poultry Speaking Contest at the Wisconsin International Poultry Show. Any youth can compete for no cost, and all who participate will receive prizes. For more information, click here or visit the Forms section of the WJPA website.

2018 Avian Quiz Bowl Information

Information on the 2018 4-H Avian Quiz Bowl contest has been released, and can be found here, as well as in the Forms section of this WJPA website.  Topics covered in this year’s Avian Quiz Bowl will include raising waterfowl, avian respiratory and digestive systems, Mediterranean and Continental breeds, biosecurity, pet birds, and more. Teams of 2-4 youth are highly encouraged to participate. The winning senior team will have the chance to compete at the National Avian Quiz Bowl this fall.

2018 WJPA Year of Appreciation

Wisconsin Junior Poultry Association’s “2018 Year of Appreciation”

Is there a special adult in your life who has contributed significantly to your poultry experience? The WJPA would like to recognize these exceptional people on Saturday, September 29th, at the WIPC Portage Show.

Nominate the person(s) of your choice. All nominees will be recognized. One very special nominee will be presented with our “2018 Year of Appreciation” Award.

Selection will be made by a committee designated by the WJPA, using the following criteria:

  • Number of nominations a person receives-40% of overall score.
  • Content of paragraph explanation-60% of overall score.
Nominate using this form: 2018 WJPA Year of Appreciation Form

Youth Egg Show Updates

There will be a Youth Egg Show at the Wisconsin International Poultry Show again this year. The deadline to enter is September 1st, as usual. More information on entering can be found at this link: 2018 WJPA Egg Show Entry Form.

Please note that the class for decorated eggs has been changed. Contestants are now asked to decorate a half-dozen, instead of a full dozen.

Breed/Variety Award Sponsorships Due Soon

Sponsorships for breed or variety awards at the Wisconsin International Poultry Show are due by May 1st. If interested in sponsoring, please visit this form: WJPA Best of Breed and Best of Variety Sponsorship (PDF)


Congratulations to WJPA members Brody and Brianna Jones, who have both completed the Flock Master level of the Youth Exhibition Poultry Association’s A.C.E. Program! This achievement required many hours spent showing birds, participating in educational activities (like clerking for judges), and assisting poultry youth statewide.

Brody and Brianna are now moving on to the challenging fourth and final level of the A.C.E. Program, Poultry Master. The WJPA is proud to have produced more Poultry Masters than any other state (most recently, Sydney and Shelby Tone). We wish Brody and Brianna luck!

New Information on Pullet Surprise Contest and Award Sponsorship

Updated information about the 32nd Pullet Surprise Writing Contest can be found here: 32nd Pullet Surprise Contest Information (PDF)

Also, as in previous years, members may sponsor trophies for the Wisconsin International Poultry Show. Sponsorships are due by May 1st. Further information can be found here: WJPA Best of Breed and Best of Variety Sponsorship (PDF)

WJPA Year-End Contest Winners

David Lefeber Citizenship Award:

Champion: Mariah Schwartz–Mauston, Wisconsin

Reserve Champion: Tyler Schwartz–Mauston, Wisconsin

High Point Exhibitor:

Champion: Tyler Schwartz (with a record 1,140 points!)–Mauston, Wisconsin

Reserve Champion: Lauren Thompson–Woodville, Wisconsin

Congratulations to everyone! Remember, 2018 is the WJPA’s “Year of Appreciation.” Thank someone who makes your poultry experience possible.

End of Year Award Deadline Reminders

If interested in applying for the David Lefeber Citizenship Award or the High Point Exhibitor Award, you must submit all necessary material to Mrs. Gromacki by December 31st. Forms for both awards are available under the Forms section of this website or at the following links:

2017 WJPA David Lefeber Citizenship Award Scoresheet

2017 WJPA High Point Exhibitor Scoresheet



Beaver Dam Poultry Show Entry Reminder

Anyone wishing to enter the Beaver Dam Poultry Show needs to postmark their entry by September 30th. The show will be held on October 14th at the Dodge County Fairgrounds. Showmanship will be offered for all five age divisions and a WJPA meeting will be held, with guest speaker Jim Grober discussing getting started with pigeons. All are encouraged to enter and attend.

For more information on the show, as well as the October 15th poultry/small animal swap held in the same place, see the show catalog found here.

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