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Third Flock in Barron County Hit with Avian Influenza

On Tuesday, a 108,000 bird turkey flock was found to be infected with avian influenza in Barron County, Wisconsin. This makes a total of 7 facilities in the state with infected flocks in the last 15 days: 3 in Barron County, 2 in Jefferson County, and 1 each in Chippewa and Juneau Counties. Upwards of 1.3 million birds have been affected.

A ban on poultry movement to shows, exhibitions and swap meets in Barron, Chippewa, Jefferson, and Juneau counties remains in effect, according to the WI DATCP.

Wisconsin is on the eastern edge of the Mississippi Flyway, a heavily traveled path used by migratory waterfowl. These waterfowl are thought to be the primary carriers of avian influenza.

The risk of additional outbreaks is expected to decrease once the major migrations are complete and the daytime temperatures warm up above 70-80 degrees. Let’s hope for warm weather!

In the meantime, continue to practice good bio-security on your flocks, and restrict visiting other flock locations. #wjpanews

Save the date!

On June 27th, the WJPA will host its annual picnic at Cluck the Chicken Store in Paoli, WI. More information coming soon.

Two New Avian Influenza Outbreaks

Two new Wisconsin Avian Influenza outbreaks were discovered on April 22nd. In Jefferson county, a flock of 800,000 egg laying chickens  is affected. A flock of 87,000 turkeys in Chippewa county also contracted the disease.

Read more about the Jefferson outbreak here.

Read more about the Chippewa outbreak here.

Below is an updated map showing the Avian Influenza outbreaks.

Updated Map of Reported Avian Influenza

Wisconsin Declares State of Emergency over Avian Influenza Outbreak

Wisconsin declared a State of Emergency today in response to the Avian Influenza Outbreak.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker today signed Executive Order #156, authorizing the Wisconsin National Guard to assist authorities in the response to the avian influenza virus affecting Jefferson, Juneau, and Barron Counties.

Read more here.

Social Media Now Activated

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Latest News from the Wisconsin DATCP

Special notice to exhibitors in Jefferson, Juneau, and Barron counties:

To protect Wisconsin’s poultry industry from further spread of the H5N2 avian influenza virus, Dr. Paul McGraw, state veterinarian at the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) has issued a ban on poultry movement to shows, exhibitions and swap meets in Jefferson, Juneau or Barron counties.

You can read more here.

Avian Influenza Information

The following links have information regarding Avian Influenza and its impact in Wisconsin.


Wisconsin DATCP

Coulee Region Poultry Show

An update to those planning on attending the Coulee Region Poultry Show in Galesville on June 6. The board met last night, and given the current state of Avian Influenza in Wisconsin, decided to wait until April 30 to determine whether the show will be held.

Avian Influenza Warning

You may or may not know that a strain of Avian Influenza has been spreading across the United States. It began on the West coast, spread into Minnesota, and is now in Wisconsin in several counties. Many thousands of commercial turkeys and chickens have been affected and some backyard flocks have been, too. The main carriers of this disease are migratory waterfowl and other migratory birds. Avian Influenza is spread through droppings, bodily fluids, the air, contact with sick birds, and contact with equipment that has been used for sick birds.

While the threat is not something to panic over for now, the outbreak could become serious and endanger exhibition poultry flocks all over Wisconsin. With this in mind, here are some guidelines to follow to prevent the spread of the disease and protect your own flock:

1. Practice strict biosecurity. Be careful when bringing home new birds (quarantine for at least two weeks). Don’t share equipment with other poultry owners unless you have disinfected it. When you’ve been to another poultry facility, change your clothes and shoes to prevent tracking in the disease. Make a footbath to disinfect your boots before entering you coop.

2. Use caution when entering poultry shows or attending poultry swaps. While birds must be tested for Pullorum disease to attend a show or go to a swap, they do not need to be tested for Avian Influenza. You could accidentally bring the disease in. This may be less of a problem at larger poultry shows, but could be a significant threat at more casual shows. County fairs can be risky, too, because of the large numbers of uniformed public and the close quarters of birds. Many poultry show buildings are open to the outside, which allows sparrows and other birds to fly into the building, possibly contaminating the chickens within. Swaps may be even more risky than poultry shows, because of the  great variety of birds, some of which may not have been kept in good conditions. Some upcoming shows and swaps are sandwiched between counties that have reported Avian Influenza. If your birds are valuable to you as breeders, pets, or show birds, you may not want to risk taking them to a show or swap at the present time.

3. Limit your birds’ contact with wild birds. The main carriers of Avian Influenza are migratory birds like waterfowl. If waterfowl frequently fly over your coop or land in your yard, your own chickens may be at risk. If you let your birds out to free-range, they may come in contact with a sick duck or other bird. Sparrows and other wild birds often frequent coops and barns and may transmit the disease. You may want to confine your chickens to a secure run, minimizing contact with outside wild birds.


Photos Added to Website

Website construction is coming along nicely. Late yesterday and today, we added photos from the 2013 and 2014 Wisconsin International Poultry Shows to the website, under the new menu item, “Photos.” Click here to view the photo page.

If anyone has photos of their own that they’d like added to the website, just contact us.

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