The links on this page lead to websites with helpful information on various poultry topics.

Poultry Showmanship and Education:

Youth Exhibition Poultry Association website:  Visit this website for educational newsletters and information on showmanship, the ACE program, and poultry care.

American Poultry Association website:  Here, you’ll find information on APA officers, objectives, poultry show rules, and more. All of that information can be beneficial knowledge when competing in showmanship.

American Bantam Association website: bantamclub.comThe ABA website contains educational articles on raising bantams, describes new breeds and varieties, lists officers and district directors, and hosts a wide variety of information on bantam showing. 

University of Connecticut Poultry Showmanship Questions: Poultry/questions.htm. This website lists 66 various poultry-related questions that are worth studying, since they’re common in poultry showmanship.

Wisconsin Open Poultry Shows

Coulee Region Poultry Club:

Wisconsin International Poultry Show:

Beaver Dam Pigeon and Bantam Club Fall Show: