The WJPA encourages participation in several wonderful youth contests, including those listed below.

Pullet Surprise Writing Contest

For the Pullet Surprise, youth can write an original essay, poem, or other literary work on a poultry-related topic. The winner of each age category (Junior and Senior) receives a show quality pair of poultry, cages, feed, an incubator, an ABA Standard, and more–the makings for an excellent start in raising exhibition birds!

For details on the Pullet Surprise contest, see this download: 32nd Pullet Surprise Contest Information (PDF) . You can find the same PDF in the “Forms” section of this website.

Photography Contest

The WJPA photography contest is another fun competition for youth to participate in. Interested youth simply need to take nice photos of domestic poultry and send them in to be judged. The winning photos then get organized into a beautiful WJPA calendar, which later becomes available for purchase.

The 2017 Photography Contest entry information and entry form can be found here. Information on the 2018 contest should come out by June.

Egg Show

The Egg Show is a WJPA event held at the Wisconsin International Poultry Show. Possible entries include a dozen white, brown, or other naturally-colored (green, etc.) eggs, or a dozen decorated eggs. Any WJPA member 18 years old or younger can participate. Information on the 2018 Egg Show can be found here: 2018 WJPA Egg Show Entry Information (PDF).

Poultry Showmanship

Poultry showmanship is probably the most popular event that WJPA youth participate in throughout Wisconsin and other states. Showmanship offers exhibitors a chance to demonstrate their handling abilities and poultry knowledge (of both their own birds and others). In addition to helping youth improve their communication skills, showmanship can also be a quite enjoyable competition, for all ages of junior exhibitors.

Showmanship competitions are offered at basically every show in Wisconsin, including small fairs and larger open shows. All you need to do for showmanship is pick a show to attend, study hard, practice handling your bird, enter (usually at the show), and bring your well-conditioned bird up to the showmanship judge at the show. Tips for studying: Check out some of the links in the Helpful Links section of this website, search for extra information on the Internet, consider getting the American Standard of Perfection, and ask for help from knowledgeable poultry exhibitors/raisers if necessary.

Educational Poster Contest

The WJPA educational poster contest is one of our newer contests, having been started in 2014. However, its first year was a great success, with many youth entering nice posters on poultry-related topics.  To enter, youth simply have to think of educational poultry topics (breeds, defects, health, etc.), send in completed entry forms, assemble their poster displays, and attend the Wisconsin International Poultry Show or Youth Activity Day (in 2015) for face-to-face judging. All contestants receive a small prize, and the winner of each age division is awarded a trophy/other larger prize.

For more information and the entry form, check out the 2017 Youth Poultry Poster Contest FileIn 2018, the WJPA will be holding a Speaking Contest instead of the Educational Poster Contest.

High Point Exhibitor Contest

Each year, the WJPA selects a High Point Exhibitor from the youth who exhibit birds in Wisconsin. The High Point Exhibitor is the person who has shown the most birds successfully and accumulated the most points.  To enter, be sure to save your coop cards or otherwise record your birds’ winnings. At the end of the year, fill out the High Point Exhibitor Form (PDF) and send it to Mrs. Gromacki.  Remember to count your points from showmanship too.

WJPA Youth Service Award

WJPA members can receive points throughout the year from completing community service activities. These activities include setting up for shows, sweeping aisles at fairs, presenting poultry seminars, and helping other poultry youth with their birds. Record your community service hours using the WJPA Youth Service Score sheet. The member (or members, if there is a tie) with the most points will receive the award. Like the High Point Exhibitor Award, the Youth Service Award is presented annually.